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The Wobbulator is an 8-bit noisebox with theremin-like control, as well as several LFO oscillators that variably wiggle the pitch, phase, and volume of the output tone. The resulting sounds range from game system sound effects, coin-op warbles, car alarms, classic theremins, tron lightcycles, fuzzy televisions, and probably a lot more.

Seriously, these parameters can be combined in a lot of different ways.


Runs on a 9v battery, easily accessed through the back panel. It has a 1/4" output jack for connecting to guitar effects pedals, amplifiers, etc.

Handmade to order in Chicago, USA. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping. Please specify if you'd prefer a color of faceplate when you order, I have some different options available (pictured).

Please get in touch with any questions, I'm happy to answer.